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Zero Footprint Socket - Memory Test Solutions

Grypper Sockets now available at EMC

HSIO Technologies and Ironwood Electronics announce that development, production, service and sale of the HSIO test socket has been aquired by Ironwood. Ironwood is extending its...

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Wire-to-Wire Waterproof Connectors

New Wire-to-Wire Connector Series at EMC / E-tec

EMC and E-tec is pleased to announce waterproof wire-to-wire connectors. Both jacks and plugs are internally sealed so that they meet IPX7 according to the IEC60529 standard. In...

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M8 and M12 Circular Connector Series

New Circular Connector Series M8 & M12 at EMC / E-tec

Circular connectors are indispensable in today's industrial automation. The application fields of standardised circular connectors range from communication technology such as...

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