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Flex Cable

Series: FCA-xxx-Xxxx-xxxxxx-x

E-tec's flexible flat cables (flat flex cables), multi-core cables in which the wires are routed parallel to each other, are ideal for connecting multipolar signal cables in electronic assemblies and computers.

They have the advantage that many wires can be connected with a post connector, a soldering adapter or another connector (eg D-Sub connector) with little effort, instead of stripping them individually and then soldering.

Standard is a light gray PVC material, with a red or black border marking the first wire. On request, there are also color-coded ribbon cables in which adjacent wires have ten different colors according to DIN IEC 62.

The flexible ribbon cables from E-tec have up to 200 cores. The distance between the cores can be 0.50 mm for a maximum of 200 cores, up to 2.54 mm for a maximum of 38 cores.

For easy connection with 2.54 mm pitch double row post connectors (pin headers), E-tec flexible ribbon cables with a pitch of 1.27 mm are suitable.

E-tec ribbon cables can also be provided with a shielding, made of aluminum or copper foil, upon customer request.




Flex Cable