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IC-Sockets & Precisionconnectors

IC-Sockets & Precisionconnectors

  • THT - Socket Strips
    THT - Socket Strips

    1-row, 2-row and 3-row complement the E-tec range of sockets with precision (turned) contacts.

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  • SMT - Socket Strips
    SMT - Socket Strips

    1-row, 2-row and 3-row, they supplement the E-tec range of sockets with precision (turned) contacts.

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  • "F" - Contact Strips
    "F" - Contact Strips

    These ITT Cannon G09 compatible contact strips are universally applicable and you can let your imagination run wild. The stamped "F" contacts are robust and guarantee a long product life.

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  • Jumbo Socket Strips
    Jumbo Socket Strips

    E-tec's "Jumbo" socket contact strips with their precision (turned) contacts are suitable for Pin Header Pins of 0.64x0.64mm. They are available as vertical THT and SMT, as well as horizontal (90 °) THT, but also available for pressing (press fit).

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  • IC DIP Sockets
    IC DIP Sockets

    E-tec offers a variety of designs with turned precision contacts as well as punched folded contacts. Whether THT, SMT, different heights and pitch, open or closed insulating body, it can be selected under a variety of terminal and plating variants.

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  • PGA Sockets and Adapters
    PGA Sockets and Adapters

    The PGA sockets with 2.54mm (.100") pitch and PGI sockets with 2.54x1.27mm (interstitial) pitch are available in a variety of different configurations and terminal variants, as well as board to board adapters for different board distances. Many predefined, but also customer-specific contact configurations are possible.

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  • LCC- and PLCC-Sockets
    LCC- and PLCC-Sockets

    E-tec LCC sockets with punched precision contacts, 32- and 44-pin SMT and THT versions. There is also a clip for the LCC device available. Recommended for high shock and vibration.

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  • Special Sockets and customer specific design
    Special Sockets and customer specific design

    From E-tec, we can offer a variety of special sockets, such as "Crystal Oscillator", transistor and TO housing, 7-segment displays or DIP switches, just to name a few.

    But there are also possibilities to follow your special needs. Here you find some examples.

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  • Tools

    It is not always so easy, and a screwdriver can do more damage than help. The tools of E-tec for the mounting or removal of the different components are designed in such a way that they are not only easy to handle, but they also remain fully functional for a very long time.

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  • Lose contact terminals and pins
    Lose contact terminals and pins

    Plug-, Solder- and Adapterterminals in various versions and dimensions

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  • "Probe Pins" - spring contacts (loose and assembled)
    "Probe Pins" - spring contacts (loose and assembled)

    There are many applications for spring contacts (probe pins). Not only as loose contact pins, which are individually used by the user, but also in customer-specific components, e.g. In communication technology devices for contacting SIM cards or in charging and base stations. In the case of cameras, lens-to-housing contacts, medical devices and many more, these contacts and contact carriers, which are designed or developed specifically for customer and application requirements, find their application area.

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