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SO-DIMM sockets

For DDR modules

200-pin for SD-RAM types 1.8V and 2.5V, 204-pin for types with 1.5V. Metal clamps in the guide and holding arms prevent breakage during assembly and removal of the module. Gold plated contacts.

For DDR modules
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Version Series Download Download Additional 3D / IGES / STEP
200-pin DMD-200-RXX9-55
204-pin (vertical) DMD-204-VLF9-55
204-pin (5.20mm height) DMD-204-RSF9-55/TR
260-pin (horizontal) DMD-260-RLG9-55/TR
260-pin (vertical) DMD-260-VLG9-5x/DT
288-pin (vertical) DR1-288-VF49-9x/8L