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  • MCX series
    MCX series

    This series of miniature snap-on connectors with 50Ω impedance operate in a frequency range up to 6 GHz. The MCX series is the ideal solution for GPS, wireless communication and measurement applications.

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  • MMCX series
    MMCX series

    The MMCX series, also with 50Ω impedance and a frequency range of up to 6 GHz, is particularly suitable for applications with a high packing density because of the small dimensions.

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  • SMA series
    SMA series

    The SMA series with 50Ω impedance in high-precision miniature design are especially designed for microwave applications up to 18 GHz. These connectors are made of brass or high quality stainless steel, ensuring excellent durability and strength.

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  • SMA reverse series
    SMA reverse series

    The SMA Reverse series is suitable for spread-spectrum wireless applications with a non-standard interface.

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  • SMB series
    SMB series

    These SMB series connectors with 50Ω impedance in subminiature version are designed for repeatable electrical power up to 4 GHz. The connections have a simple "open/close" quick-connect mounting function. Very popular in telecommunications and test equipment.

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  • 1.6/5.6 series
    1.6/5.6 series

    The coaxial connectors of the 1.6/5.6 series with 75Ω impedance are generally designed for broadcasting and digital signal transmission. These 1.6/5.6 connections are popular in modern telecommunication facilities.

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