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Authorized distributor for Ironwood Electronics

EMC is exclusiv Distributor for Ironwood Electronics in

- Germany
- England
- Switzerland
- Austria
- Belgium
- Netherlands
- Ireland
Czech Republic

Here is a short overview of products ...

Authorized distributor for Panasonic Electric Works

  • Narrow-pitch connectors for print-to-flex connections
    For the ideal print-to-flex connection, the Narrow-pitch connector series offers a selection of pitches between 0.6mm and 4.0mm, as well as pitch dimensions between 0.35 and 0.5mm.
  • Narrow-pitch connectors for print-to-print connections
    The print-to-print connectors offer a wide range of pitches between 1.2mm and 14mm, as well as pitch sizes between 0.35 and 1.0mm.
  • FPC / FFC connectors
    Connectors for print-to-flex connections, with a height of 0.9 to 2.0mm, the contact distance is minimal 0.3 / 0.5mm.

Click here for the website of Panasonic Electric Works

Authorized distributor for SER Electronics

  • IC socket for test, evaluation, CSP and structured coaxial contacts
  • Crystal device sockets, ASM connector products, mini probes, precision sockets and development for customer-specific contacts
  • Card Edge Connectors, Modular Connectors, BGA IC Sockets, D-Sub Connectors, Circuit Board Accessories and Short Contact & IC Sockets
  • Contact vs. Spring force, high-frequency measuring systems, Automatic IC socket test systems

Click here for the website of SER Electronics

Authorized distributor for Xmultiple

Xmultiple is a global manufacturer of connector products that support twisted pair cabling, network, RF / microwave, test & measurement, broadcast, medical, military and industrial applications. Xmultiple is headquartered in the United States with several manufacturing facilities throughout Asia.

Click here for the website of Xmultiple

Authorized distributor for Mechanical Devices

Mechanical-Devices is a leading manufacturer of thermal management systems (Temperature Forcing System) for the semiconductor industry. The Mechanical-Devices engineers have extensive experience in thermal analysis and in the development of sophisticated thermo- mechanical systems for temperatures monitoring. Manufacturers of semiconductor devices use Mechanical-Devices systems worldwide. Mechanical-Devices is dedicated to the highest manufacturing standards and quality assurance. The systems are CE compliant and Mechanical-Devices offer worldwide service and support. The factory is fully equipped to answer any mechanical demand and allow very short lead times.

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