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Authorized distributor for Ironwood Electronics

EMC is exclusiv Distributor for Ironwood Electronics in

- Germany
- England
- Switzerland
- Austria
- Belgium
- Netherlands
- Ireland
Czech Republic

Here is a short overview of products ...

Authorized distributor for Mechanical Devices

Mechanical-Devices is a leading manufacturer of thermal management systems (Temperature Forcing System) for the semiconductor industry. The Mechanical-Devices engineers have extensive experience in thermal analysis and in the development of sophisticated thermo- mechanical systems for temperatures monitoring. Manufacturers of semiconductor devices use Mechanical-Devices systems worldwide. Mechanical-Devices is dedicated to the highest manufacturing standards and quality assurance. The systems are CE compliant and Mechanical-Devices offer worldwide service and support. The factory is fully equipped to answer any mechanical demand and allow very short lead times.

Click here for the website of Mechanical Devices

Authorized distributor for Panasonic Electric Works

  • Narrow-pitch connectors for print-to-flex connections
    For the ideal print-to-flex connection, the Narrow-pitch connector series offers a selection of pitches between 0.6mm and 4.0mm, as well as pitch dimensions between 0.35 and 0.5mm.
  • Narrow-pitch connectors for print-to-print connections
    The print-to-print connectors offer a wide range of pitches between 1.2mm and 14mm, as well as pitch sizes between 0.35 and 1.0mm.
  • FPC / FFC connectors
    Connectors for print-to-flex connections, with a height of 0.9 to 2.0mm, the contact distance is minimal 0.3 / 0.5mm.

Click here for the website of Panasonic Electric Works

Authorized distributor for SER Electronics

  • IC socket for test, evaluation, CSP and structured coaxial contacts
  • Crystal device sockets, ASM connector products, mini probes, precision sockets and development for customer-specific contacts
  • Card Edge Connectors, Modular Connectors, BGA IC Sockets, D-Sub Connectors, Circuit Board Accessories and Short Contact & IC Sockets
  • Contact vs. Spring force, high-frequency measuring systems, Automatic IC socket test systems

Click here for the website of SER Electronics

Authorized distributor for Xmultiple

Xmultiple is a global manufacturer of connector products that support twisted pair cabling, network, RF / microwave, test & measurement, broadcast, medical, military and industrial applications. Xmultiple is headquartered in the United States with several manufacturing facilities throughout Asia.

Click here for the website of Xmultiple